Ring Sizing Guide


Measure your own ring size. Use a piece of string or cut a strip of paper. Wrap it around your ring finger and mark where it intersects. It should fit comfortably without squeezing your finger. Measure it and use the sizing guide shown here to find your ring size. We recommend ordering the closest size down.


Circumference (in / mm) Size
1.84 in. / 46.8 mm 4
1.94 in. / 49.3 mm 5
2.041 in. / 51.8 mm 6
2.141 in. / 54.4 mm 7
2.242 in. / 56.9 mm 8
2.342 in. / 59.5 mm 9
2.443 in. / 62.1 mm 10
2.543 in. / 64.6 mm 11
2.644 in. / 67.2 mm 12
2.744 in. / 69.7 mm 13
2.845 in. / 72.3 mm 14
2.945 in. / 74.8 mm 15


If you know the size of your ring, you are ahead of the game. When fit snug, RECON Rings will measure 1/2 a size larger than a standard metal band. SIZE DOWN if you are on the fence about what size to choose. If you are used to wearing a size, order smaller and we will always replace it for free if it's wrong.

The rings will loosen after a couple weeks and starting with a snug fit is ideal. If you don’t like your size, contact us and we will exchange it for free.


Printable Ring Sizing Guide

Use this printable ring sizing guide to help find your proper size. Make sure you print it at 100% on your printer and do NOT print to fit or scale.


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    Alternatives: Ask a Jeweler

    You can walk into any jewelry shop and they will be more than happy to size your ring finger. While you're there, ask them why they don't carry RECON Rings.