What is the Average Ring Size?

What is the Average Ring Size?

March 26, 2019

Ever wonder how big your ring size was compared to everybody else? Ok, nobody does. Until you get into the ring business and it starts to become a thing to know, most people can't remember their own ring size let alone worry about the rest of the world. 

Want to know how we can magically guess your size when you walk up to us and ask? Of course you do. It's a great party trick. Well, it's not magic, we play the odds.

Average Ring Size for Men: 10

Average Ring Size for Women: 7

To be fair, there are some big hands out there. We have had requests to make size 16+ rings. There are some small hands out there. We actually added a size 4 women's ring into our mold lineup after we launched but 

How did you order the wrong size the first time?

It happens. If you tried to use an online sizing sheet, many people print them missing the part that says "don't fit to page" and it scales the print to fit better on your paper. Use a piece of string and measure it if you are in doubt of your abilities to print. 


The chart is a snapshot of orders taken over the course of a year. It doesn't account for the percentage of people who get their size wrong the first time.