RECON Rings Warranty Policy

We support a One Time, ANYTIME warranty on every ring we sell. 

This warranty covers broken, ripped, torn, napalmed or dropped in a volcano of lava at any point during the lifetime of your product. If that happens, you are eligible for a replacement ring of the same design of your original. 

To initiate this warranty replacement, send an email to intel@reconrings.com with your original order number and your ring will go out in the next shipment. You do not need to send us back the used ripped ring. That's just a waste of postage.

Examples of One Time Any Time Incidents

  • Next week you rip your ring while traversing a cliff in Nepal? Covered
  • 3 years from now at the running of the bulls in Spain you hurdle a fence and rip your ring on the way over? Covered
  • You slip coming out of the shower and catch your ring? Covered (but lame) 

Story Upgrades

If you have an epic story of why you need to claim a warranty replacement, please share it with us and send us a picture. You might just get an upgrade. 

note: epic stories typically do not involve work cubicles, board meetings, or couches