About the Rings

Our Design Approach

We wanted a clean, solid, sleek surface ring as our first design focus. We are on the move all of the time with our hands in the dirt, chalk, or whatever life throws at us. The thought of having holes or crevasses on the ring, just meant more places to collect crap.

While we are pretty damn proud of our brand and think the world should worship it, the ring is not about us.  That is why we kept our logo inside the ring, so you could identify the quality without broadcasting it to the planet and spending every 3 seconds spinning your ring to hide or show a logo that isn’t yours.

We have been shooting lasers at the rings, working on a personalization option that retains the quality we want to see. Keep an eye out for custom engraving options. 

The word hearty sounds more like a description for beef stew, but life is pretty hearty in Upstate New York and we needed a ring that would keep up. We are up here in the snow-belt where winter comes with plenty of snow, taking gloves on and off happens often and our hands take a beating.  

In the Gym

The world of Crossfit brought us together.  With a solid community of support and friends around us we had great test base of people to test these rings in the gym.  Many people remove their metal rings to protect them from scratching or even bending the rings.  For people who keep them on, the metal rings would actually create blisters on their hands from grabbing the bar. The silicone ring is the perfect solution.  You can wear it throughout a workout without worrying about damaging the ring or what it might do to your hands.  Most people forget they have it on.