Men's Red Silicone Ring

Recon RED

The RECON Red is the ring that bonds us all together. The blood in our veins, the stripes on our flag, all tied to the color that makes us stop and absorb our surroundings.  

R.E.D. Remember Everyone Deployed

The campaign started years ago as a grassroots effort to show support for our troops still deployed. A simple concept evolved, wear something RED on Fridays to represent support for our men and women still out there.  

The RECON Red ring is the perfect compliment to make this happen. Even if you are not married, all your red shirts are dirty, or you have to adhere to a dress code at work, the ring will always be ready. Welcome to your new Friday initiative.

Every RECON ring is made from medical grade silicone making it a lightweight, non-distracting alternative to a metal wedding band. They are designed for active lifestyles  and truly kinetic individuals.