Removing my Ring Daily

November 23, 2016

Let me start by saying that I honestly do like my metal wedding ring.  I have a tungsten steel ring which serves two main purposes in my life.  

1. Pronouncing my devotion to my amazing wife whom I love very much.

2. It can open beer bottles. 

I admit, that number 2 is pretty compelling reason to keep it around and a great ice breaker around groups.  

Once I started paying attention to how often I was not wearing my ring, I realized how much the ring was not part of my life. 

I remove it at the gym.

I remove it before waterskiing. Which I do quite often.  

I remove it while I am at my desk, not even knowing I am doing it. 

If I work on the car, I remove the ring.

If I need to weld, I remove the ring. 

If I wash the car, I remove the ring. 

There is a long list that looks more like a honey do list, but you get the idea. 

Being a guy, and only as organized as my brain allows for the next 30 seconds, I even had to devise a system to keep track of my ring whenever it is off. I use a series of cheap carabiners conveniently placed everywhere in my life to hold onto my ring.

Before I sound like a bad infomercial, lets be real. My wedding band did not escape to a shrine, never to be seen again. Remember, it can open beer bottles. However now my day starts and ends with a Recon Rings silicone wedding band and it stays on all day long. My carabiners are getting lonely.