In the Fight with Doc Spartan

In the Fight with Doc Spartan

October 22, 2019

It's no secret that we have been long time fans of Doc Spartan. Long before the first pair of ranger panties hit the airwaves on Shark Tank, we saw where they were aiming.

The are on the same kinetic mission and in many regards, so much more. Does DOC Spartan make the best damn wound repair there is? Hell yes! That's not why we are working with our Brothers in Arms. This isn't another origin story about Tom getting drunk with another business owner (there are a few of those), or two veteran-owned brands that have nothing to do with each other linking up. This story is about The Fight.

What is The Fight?

Everyone is in a fight, whether it's a fight with obesity, heroin, unhealthy relationships or your lupus diagnosis.


What is RECON Ring's Fight?

RECON Rings is in a fight for safety and focus. RECON Rings wants our customers to be able to focus on what's important and not worry about their finger getting ripped off. Safety and Focus. The officer jumping the fence, the nurse moving a patient, the mechanic swapping the brakes. Safety and Focus.


What is Doc Spartan's Fight

Doc Spartan is in the fight for Prevention Recovery. Doc Spartan's Team wants you to prevent rips and tears, fix them when they happen. Prevention and Recovery. They allow the Crossfitter to go harder the next time on the bar, the brick mason's hands to recover faster, and promise you a better tomorrow.


The Kinetic Fight

We love the word kinetic because it defines us. It says in one word that we are not sitting still regardless of what is in front of or what is behind us. The Kinetic Fight is to keep moving and both RECON Rings and Doc Spartan get that.


Beyond the Fight

You can take on your own fight or you can fight for others. Take a minute and check out what Doc Spartan has done and what they are doing, not for themselves, but for their community. Here is just a glimpse at their latest battle.