2020 COVID Changes

2020 COVID Changes

October 12, 2020

We made a number of changes in 2020 to keep operations moving during the COVID pandemic. None of them stopped us from shipping, all of them kept us moving and not once did we stop to write a policy to tell the world that we were sanitizing and cleaning everything, because we did that already. 

The Band Broke Up

We made efforts to work together without working together, but found that operations were more nimble if we could just keep moving on our own. We were under one roof with Tango Charlie, Tacticalories, & Neuro Coffee all jamming orders out. Tacticalories setup a new base, RECON Rings went back to the basement and Tango Charlie exploded with work. 

Mailbox Baseball

Most shipping operations which were being handled out of our warehouse, moved back home to the basement. After growing, moving out of the basement and finally getting a warehouse, this was very humbling as it brought back memories of coming home, only to live with mom & dad again. It was also a big advantage. RECON carries a small footprint in shipping size, so bringing it home allowed us to get the shipments moving a little quicker. Frankly the postal lady at the warehouse was going through early dementia, drove us nuts, and would avoid picking up orders on large days until we almost closed. So at least now we have consistency. 

Trail Walk Meetings

Perhaps the smartest thing we did, all of our in-person meetings are now held during a hike in the woods. We have some great trails nearby, and rather than huddle around the kitchen counter, it felt much more natural to talk about where we want to go, by going somewhere.