2017 Kinetic Christmas Gift Guide

2017 Kinetic Christmas Gift Guide

December 06, 2017

Uncle Tom’s Guide to Winning Christmas

I have two rules for your gift giving decision process. These rules apply to every person out there except the person you are married to. Good luck. 

  • Rule #1 - Make sure the gift is self-jealous inducing so it is hard to give away. That way if they don’t like it, you just won taking it back without regrets or you can immediately ask to borrow it.
  • Rule #2 - Things that sit on shelves, collect dust or are around as memories of something that never happened are bullshit.

If the rules weren't enough, here are my top 10 items you can't loose with. Also can be read as what to get us (me) for Christmas

#1 SOFLETE Fitness Program

If somebody is already doing fitness, this program is top notch. They have programs for humans and even ones for top level athletes prepping for competitiveness. If somebody is not already doing fitness, YOU need to be the friend they need to get them moving. Sign up with them, embrace the suck, do the workouts along side them, or check in daily to complain on how you can't traverse a set of stairs without firing up hamstrings you didn’t know you had.

#2 DOC Spartan

Take care of your hands, body and beard with these guys. I’ve personally fixed my hands from muscle up abuse and these guys are legit. Huge selection, no bullshit. My wife loves the body scrub, and I’m a huge fan of the combat ready ointment.

#3 Tacticalories

Tis the Season. Literally, these seasons change your entire perception of food as fuel. Getting a sample pack for yourself will make turn you into a grilling god. Giving it as a gift turns you into a meat loving apostle. These blends have saved me multiple times from my wife’s cooking.

#4 Kill Cliff 

Ok we totally just invented this one. We are sending out our gift cards for the season wrapped in a Kill Cliff. It is ten times cooler when somebody doesn’t know they are opening a gift card and everybody loves receiving awesome in a can. We also found the long lost bartenders guide to mixed drinks with Kill Cliff, so we may have stocked up.

#5 BEST Self Journal

If you’ve had a conversation with me in the last 6 months you’d know how much this journal has helped, it’s legit changed the way I look at goals, my day, month and year. Find someone with a lot going on, and grab them this, and then grab one for yourself.

#6 Black Rifle Coffee

This gets us moving daily. These guys don’t need your money, all they want in life is to crush the hipster movement, hire veterans, and destroy Starbucks. Getting any coffee drinker a load out of Black Rifle coffee is a win.

#7 Blacksmith Tactical (custom holster)

Brandon makes awesome custom holsters for all you gun nuts. Texas made, and small enough to answer your emails, this company has hit the nail on the head with every holster we’ve purchased. No assembly line. They make, test and customize each one that leaves the door.

#8 Tango Charlie Apparel

Consider this our shameless plug, without shame. This company got us off the ground and it is the magic sauce that keeps taking over the world of apparel for real people. You know how Christmas morning photos are full of disheveled hair and bad pajama choices? Win the Christmas morning photo by getting everybody certified Comfy as F@!k joggers and hoodies.

#9 Sprinter Van Doors

It's my list dammit and I want new doors for the sprinter van. Yes, we bought a sprinter van, destined to be on it's world tour next year for Tango Charlie and RECON Rings. It needs doors. So buying somebody (aka me) sprinter van doors is the best damn idea you ever had. 

#10 RECON Rings

It’s our list, but we have a genuine message here. All silicone rings are not equal and sometimes your friends need an intervention before they realize. They do come in a badass piece of wood that can be transformed into an ornament. Don’t sweat getting the wrong one. We will honor all exchanges for sizes and colors for free and make sure they go out before 2018 hits.