Use the Sizing Strip to Find Your Ring Size

January 18, 2018

Guessing your ring finger size the first time is always a challenge. Luckily, with every order we ship, we send an easy guide you can use to determine what your real size should be, if you happened to order the wrong size. 

Usually if a ring is just a little snug or a little loose, you can just replace it with the next size up or down. In some cases, where the ring is falling off your finger or it is so tight that you need to force it on, use the sizing strip. 

Wrap the piece of paper around your finger, and where the line next to the word RECON matches up with the chart, is your size.  It should be snug as the paper itself doesn't stretch. 

Make sure to measure where your ring will actually sit, and not near the fat knuckles you always complain about, or the other hand. Your dominant hand is larger, so measuring on one hand does not mean it will fit on the other. 

We would like to tell you these sizing strips were not printed on our office printer but rather engineered with military grade paper and battle tested ink. However, if we messed up, you can print your own here as long as you pinky promise to print the page to scale. As soon as you print with "fit to page" your mission has failed. 


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