EDC Gift Tray (Limited)

The ultimate gift for everything EDC we can muster. We are throwing together a limited number of these for the holidays. 

  • Kydex Two Piece EDC Tray
  • Recon Rings Tactical Collection (or ANY 4 rings you want to specify)
  • Doc Spartan Combat Ointment (2 Pack)
  • Firebiner by Outdoor Element 
  • RECON Rings Tactical Patch

How this works. Order this bundle and in the NOTES of the order, specify what 4 rings you want. If you only tell us a size, you get a tactical collection. (black, tan, camo, od green). 

Don't stress too much, because we will swap them all out for free if they don't fit perfect or your secret santa recipient wanted a different color. 

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